Dellie’s Story

Sick Kids!!! All parents know the frustration and agony of watching their little ones suffer with the symptoms of a common cold. Runny noses, congestion, itchy throat, watery eyes and worst in my book that nagging cough. The cough that shows up about five days after their runny nose starts and doesn’t leave for weeks or sometimes a month at time. As a mom of two toddlers who have both experienced this cough I honestly tried everything: steamy bathrooms, the loud and constant humidifier, elevated beds, nasal suction(baby vs mommy wrestling), and the never failing tablespoon of honey.

You think to yourself, Honey its sweet, my kids should love this….Sike, My little one acts as if that tablespoon of honey is a tablespoon of cyanide. I had to pin her down just to get a teaspoon in her mouth, all the while listening to her hacking cough, knowing that her throat was aching, and the remedies I’m offering her she resists like the plague.

So I thought to myself………. What if I could give her a lollipop that would soothe her throat? After doing a little research I came up with a recipe packed with soothing herbs, honey, natural oils, and not too much sugar. So I made the very first momscoughpops. They turned out beautiful and golden, not too sweet but sweet enough that my kids loved them, even my little wrestler baby.

Now these wonderful pops are available to you. If you would like to order pops for your little ones, or even yourself click BUY NOW.

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