Take the Stress out of School Work…. Dance!

Often when I mention to people that I home-school, the first reaction I get is ” Wow, I could NEVER do that, but…. good for you!” I get it, I really do, but I realized that almost all parents “home-school” to some capacity.

You either home-school full time independently,

or home-school part-time with the help of teachers or tutors,

or you do homework with your child in the evenings.

So you in fact are acting as a Parent Educator.

So now that we have established that we all act as teachers sometimes, we can address how frustrating it can be. How we sometimes snap at our children because we explained to them 6 TIMES that the answer they are looking for is right in front of them, we hint at it, we pretty much spell it out and still are met with…

” I don’t know”

“I can’t do it”

“It’s too hard”

When my kiddo really struggles I can be there to comfort her and cheer her on, but it’s when she’s being lazy or just plain quits….now that… BOILS MY GRITS!!! I found myself losing it. I was yelling; she was crying. I ended up apologizing much too often for overreacting……

After a couple of rough school days for me and my daughter I decided to be PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE….

So every morning before school we have a ritual!  We DANCE and PLAY DRUMS ( by drums i mean: pots, pans, tambourines or anything that makes noise)

While we dance to the rhythm of African Drums, we say or yell positive affirmations about the type of people WE are and hope to be:

” I am a scholar”

” I am loving”

” I persevere”

” I am calm”

Doing this always brings smiles to the faces of my sweet baby dolls. They look forward to it and look forward to school. It also is my reminder to be in the moment, to remain calm, and to exemplify self control. Setting aside these few minutes have made our learning time more productive, peaceful and most importantly FUN!

Dancing may not be what works for you but try drawing together, doing yogo, praying or cuddle time…. Do something to remind yourself and your child that you are both in this together!


Here is glance a our little party!



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