Dellie’s All Natural CoughPops


Dellie’s – are made with 100% natural ingredients!

Dellie’s – work to stop coughing and soothe throats!

Dellie’s – are corn syrup free!

Dellie’s – provide comfort for tots and adults!

Dellie’s – serve as a natural mood regulator!

Dellie’s – taste delicious! (Just ask my daughters)

Dellie’s – dissolve in warm tea, enhancing taste and comfort!

Dellie’s – are safe and sweet enough to enjoy as traditional candy!
Active Ingredient Properties:

Honey has been a long time cure all, In fact studies show that honey is more effective in treating cough due to respiratory infection in children than pharmaceutical drugs.

Peppermint Oil, an essential oil composed of about 40% menthol, works as a topical analgesic that helps to relieve itchy and sore throats, it too has muscle relaxing properties. Peppermint also works to clear sinuses and relieve pressure due to congestion

Chamomile has a multitude of health benefits, it’s used in our pops because it is a known muscle relaxer and immune booster.

How to Use MomsCoughPops:

Use every 2-3 hours to treat a cough or sore throat!

Give them to sick and irritable little ones as a mood enhancer!

Just enjoy! No illness or cough, use them like any other Lollipop treat!

Effect of honey, dextromethorphan and no treatment on nocturnal cough…

Chamomile Benefits


100% Natural Ingredients! Purified Water, Honey, Organic Chamomile, Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Spearmint,Organic Lemon grass, Organic Peppermint Flavor, Lemon Extract, Dehydrated Lemon Zest, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Sea Salt